Join the Pioneer Movement

Pioneer Movement is the best way to support the 326 Denver Pioneer student-athletes to achieve their goals and dreams. Your financial support paves the way for success throughout their lives, starting with fantastic experiences at the University of Denver. Our mission is to provide the financial support necessary to educate and develop strong student-athletes. They have a lifetime of success waiting for them. It's our responsibility and your opportunity to support them.

A big thing that my wife and I have really been impressed with is not only that the students have to balance competing at the Division I level and going to school at the same time, but they actually excel in both sports and academics. That makes it really easy to want to help in whatever way we can. I think the student-athletes are a huge asset to the university and tremendous ambassadors for DU."
- Tim Thompson (Pioneer Movement donor)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my donation tax deductible?
In accordance with recent tax reform legislation, donations associated with specific seating locations may no longer be tax deductible, effective January 1, 2018. However, all philanthropic annual fund gifts, capital gifts, and endowment gifts will remain tax deductible as provided by the law. Please consult your tax professional for more information.
Can I establish a payment plan for my gift?
Yes. Contact us by email or phone to set up monthly, quarterly or annual pledge payments.
How can I find out if my company has a matching gifts program?
Visit and type in your employer. You may also consult the benefits office for your company.
When will I receive my benefits?
You are eligible for benefits during the fiscal year of your gift (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019). Please be aware that some benefits are based on the athletic season. If your gift is made after the conclusion of a benefit season, the benefit is deemed to have expired.
Am I still able to make a gift to my favorite sport?
Yes. All donations to Pioneer Movement are placed in the Athletics Excellence Fund unless designated to the annual fund of a specific sport.
Why is my gift important?
The cost to recruit and retain the best student-athletes continues to increase each year. Every dollar of your gift makes a difference in the lives of our student-athletes in the classroom, in competition, and in the community.